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There is an island, located in the bottom of Pacific Ocean. It is far away from the mainland, and also far away from the pollution of industrial modernisation. New Zealand is the name of this Paradise Island! New Zealand is not only the most popular leisurely resort in the world, but also the most ideal origin of pure and high-quality Nutrition and Health products.

New Zealand is surrounded by the sea. It is not only rich in marine resources; the land resources are also more precious than any other country in the world. Its health products of fish oil, marine series, and plants series all have great demands globally; and, the series of sheep oil and honey are such miracles to human being! In order to remain the name of the highest-quality Nutrition and Health products in the world, therefore, the New Zealand government has formulated a series of strict Food Regulation and Food Monitoring Programmes. It is one of the country that being world recognized as formulating the strictest standards and the most comprehensive regulations on Nutrition and Health products, and also the one with the most stringent Implementation. New Zealand becomes a standard model in the international industry.

New Zealand has the most fertile land which is suitable for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. Hence, in addition to develop the marine-healthcare industry, New Zealand’s dairy products have been developed to the extreme. It is a unique characteristic of the country.

There are plenty of farms on the island without any source of pollution and producing the highest-quality dairy products. 50 percent of New Zealand export values are generated from dairy products, and New Zealand is one of the largest dairy producers in the world.

The market of Nutrition and Health products is emerging. It will fulfil people’s personal needs. In term of Nutrition and Health product, it could be utilised in both preventive medicine and rehabilitation medicine, could also be utilised to assist in the treatment of clinical hospital.

Natureland NZ Ltd will bring the purest and healthiest Nutrition and Health products to you!