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 Seafood Products

New Zealand aquaculture products are exported to 79 countries and considered among the world’s best seafood. Their taste profiles, health properties, quality and versatility see them served at the parties in New York, white table-cloth restaurants in London and at backyard barbecues down under.
The high quality of New Zealand's coastal waters and the abundance of plankton, along with the prevalence of sheltered harbours and inlets create ideal conditions for aquaculture. Couple this with our pristine waters, world class environmental management practices and reputation for quality and food safety, we are well-placed to capitalise on this food growing revolution with high value premium seafood products.
Of the $400 million industry revenue, $298 illion was generated in exports.  Sustainable growth in the sector will inject much needed export earnings into communities and the economy, generate more regional jobs and support a host of associated industries.

Rock Lobster
Rock lobster or crayfish are found throughout New Zealand and Chatham Islands' coastal waters. Rock lobsters are carnivorous and live in and around reefs in depths ranging from 5 - 275 meters.

Rock lobsters are caught commercially using baited pots. Once caught, most are held in temperature-controlled aquariums before being air-freighted "live" to export markets.

Rock lobster flesh is firm with a sweet medium and rich taste, and retains its shape in most styles of cooking.

Greenshell Mussels (Perna canaliculus)
Greenshell mussels are native to New Zealand. While they grow "wild" in waters around the coast, it is farmed Greenshell mussels which are today firmly established as New Zealand's largest seafood export.